Swiss Chocolate and a quick trip to Interlaken

Interlaken, Switzerland

“I just got it! Interlaken means between two lakes!”- shouts Mr G excitedly, as we were walking around the lake in Interlaken, Switzerland. The curious thing is, he is supposed to be the smart one in the relationship! We had taken a quick trip to Interlaken to visit our intrepid friend R, before he made his way back to Australia. A quick 3 hour train ride from Strasbourg found us surrounded by mountains, lakes and fresh air, which all together make for truly stunning scenery. Every time I go to Switzerland, I can’t help thinking that the Swiss always look so healthy and fresh and stress-free and I am absolutely certain it must be due to the alpine climate and not to mention the Swiss chocolate! We purchased some hand-crafted Swiss chocolate from Läderach – chocolatier suissein Interlaken town and then decided to take a long leisurely walk along the lake, stopping to admire the view and of course to devour the chocolate.

Mountain air, lakes and chocolate - the recipe for a stress-free afternoon!

Mr G in the process of opening the chocolate bag ... he was a bit slow in doing that too!

An assortment of chocolate slabs; almond praline, dark chocolate and nuts; white chocolate and dried fruit ... all very luscious.

Interlaken - the place between two lakes!

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4 Responses to Swiss Chocolate and a quick trip to Interlaken

  1. laurahartson says:

    oh yum this sounds fantastic!

  2. SD says:

    There was some of this chocolate left in your pantry and you didn’t share!

    • ylenate says:

      Madame – you know full well that this is untrue. The pantry is always open and the only reason I “didn’t share” was beacuse you did not find!
      Would you liek me to send you some over?

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